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  Mr. Eddison New has a personal motto - "Dare to dream, do the impossible".

He was born into a low income family and lived in a 1-room flat for most of his childhood. That did not stop him from pursuing his best and he was admitted into the prestigious Raffles Institution when he was 12.

Despite being looked down upon in school by his classmates, he continued pursuing his best and acquired much knowledge about computers and was the vice-chairman of the IT club in school.

He dreamt about the impossible and without experience, dabbled into the world of e-commerce and was hardly successful at the beginning. He persevered on for 3 years and his business was finally recognised in the media when he was 18.

Since then, with his wealth of experiences, he quickly leveraged on his new social exposure to expand and create new business opportunities, till where Jetsprinters Express Group is today.

Visit the Facebook page of Mr. Eddison New.
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