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Laem Chabang Taxi

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 Our Service Guarantee
Regularly Serviced Fleet
For trusted reliability

Experienced Chauffeur
For your safety in mind

Basic English Speaking
For your convenience

GPS Monitoring Enabled

For your peace of mind

Climate Controlled Interior

For your cool comfort

Hi-fi Radio System
For your entertainment
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Contact Us
Laem Chabang Taxi (Head Office)

Hotline: (+65) 6677-1883
Email: jegroup.thai@gmail.com
Online: Contact form
Daily: 9am to 4pm (Thailand Time)
Kuala Lumpur Tour / Singapore Transit Tour

Hotline: (+65) 6677-1883
Email: jegroup.sg@gmail.com
Online: Contact form
Daily: 10am to 5pm (Singapore Time)
Other Service Channels

Skype: sgzl06
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